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CHOKO Family Colour Run is happening in Cholsey on Saturday 10th June.

CHOKO’s first ever colour run is happening on Saturday 10th June. Tickets are available from R.G Park Butchers and will also be available at the Cholsey May Day event.


Schools Intervention Programme visit

17 South African Teachers to arrive in Cholsey on 8th October to visit Cholsey School and other local schools to learn more about SEN intervention programmes.

CHOKO supports to take part in 24 hour Class-a-Thon

See fundraising page for more details

News from Kodumela – Schools Intervention Project

WVSA education team organised a trip to Limpopo (Sekororo) to learn about the Intervention Class Model and how beneficial it is to the literacy and numeracy of boys and girls on 26-28 July 2016. The South African Education Department also visited and we are delighted to say the plan is for the DoE to own the process and to run with the idea and hopefully fund it and roll it out in other districts. They have realised there have been dramatic changes in achievement in the schools that have started to implement the intervention programme.

We have raised over £15,000 for the Kodumela Schools Link project  for the next stage of training here in the UK see our Intervention project page for more details.

Choko Beer Festival

A small independent festival, run by volunteers, with a love of good beer and cider. The festival is a family friendly event, and combines a variety of live music, local food and children’s entertainment. Best of all, the proceeds go to Choko and local charities.

This year’s festival raised over £9,000 to support projects the Kodumela Schools Project, Cholsey School PTA and Footsteps (http://footstepscentre.com). Next year’s event is on Saturday 30th September


Choko Jazz Evening

A wonderful evening listening to the amazing Fleur Stephenson and her band, as well as, Mini Jazz (made up of children from Cholsey and Wallingford schools). This event raised nearly £500 to support the Kodumela Schools Project.

Kodumela Visits Cholsey

In September 2015, Ledile (Project Manager), Rosina (Head of Mamokaile School) and Elizabeth (Head of Masekane School) came on a 10 day visit.  More details can be found in the 2015 Visits section.

Ntwetwe Project in Uganda

Choko is continuing its partnership with World Vision and has formed a new link with the community of Ntwetwe in Uganda. We have now funded most of our first project – funding a poultry breeding programme. This will be the first step in assisting the people of Ntwetwe. The funds for this project have now been sent to World Vision but due to flooding in the area the project has not yet commenced further details will be posted when they are available.

This new relationship with Ntwetwe is a great opportunity for new people within the Cholsey community to get involved – and we would certainly love to have new people on board. If you’d like to get involved in any way please email info@choko.org.uk.




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