Cholsey & Mamokaile

Cholsey School and Mamokaile School

The link with Mamokaile School works extremely well so much so that Kodumela is taught as part of our curriculum. Often it is work generated as part of our curriculum that is sent over. Our children learn so much about South Africa, the climate, food and lifestyles from the exchange with Mamokaile School. The children in Mamokaile are learning about Cholsey and the work we do in school. Lesson plans are easier for the Mamokaile staff to use and understand when accompanied by the children’s work produced during and at the end of the lessons including photos of displays.

Cholsey School TA Val Bolt was fortunate to visit the school on both visits to Kodumela – this was most valuable in understanding how best to help the teachers of Mamokaile School.

It was very exciting (and tiring) to have Rosina Komana the headteacher of Mamokaile School with us in Cholsey School for three days during the June 2013 visit to Cholsey. It was the next step for the link and proved to be very successful for both sides! For her to sit in on lessons and discuss them with the teachers and children was invaluable. The exchange of copious amounts of verbal information took place, many, many notes were made and a great many resources were copied for her to take back.

 January 2014

A Child sponsor visited Mamokaile school before Christmas and we are delighted to say practices Rosina learnt are already being put in place.

Two TA’s have been employed and interventions to help struggling children have started with some children completing these and already able to return to their mainstream class.


Update August 2016 and ongoing

This link is amazing we are able to continue to support our link by email exchange helping Mamokaile School with applications and supporting the rolling our of the  Intervention programme within other schools. Including now the involvement of World Vision South Africa and the South African Education Department -…exciting times….