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We aim to help Rosina and Elizabeth to extend the programme of intervention classes to seventeen schools in Limpopo Province to prevent in excess of 800 pupils ending up like Lily read her story below:

Lily is 13 and unable to read or write.  She cannot progress to the next school year until she is able to achieve 50% in written tests across the curriculum.  Lily is now in a class with 50 other pupils, who are mainly aged 6.  Her teacher cannot give Lily individual attention.  Lily cannot read any worksheets she is given so is making no academic progress.  Lily’s father died of AIDS and her mother cannot read or write so Lily gets no help at home.  Lily can’t be in a class with her peers which is affecting her social and emotional development:Africa 2015 173


How can we achieve this?

The best way to help the seventeen schools adopt the intervention class programme is to teach the teachers directly.  The Kodumela Schools Programme will bring bring a representative from each of the schools to the UK to attend a training programme at primary schools in South Oxfordshire.

We need to raise the funds to fly the representatives to the UK.  All accommodation in the UK will be provided by Choko volunteers and the training will all be done by UK teachers and teaching assistants at no cost.

Given the resourcefulness and determination of the people we have met in Sekororo (especially Rosina and Elizabeth) we have no idea where this project will go – schools beyond Limpopo are already hearing about this work so ultimately the intervention class programme may spread across the whole of South Africa benefitting thousands of children.



We can make a real difference to real lives so please help us to help children like Lily.