The Head teachers of Mamokaile and Masekane School visited Cholsey in May 2013

In May 2013 Ledile (the Kodumela project manager), Rosina (the Headteacher of Mamokaile Primary School) and Elizabeth (the Headteacher of Masekane Primary School) visited Cholsey

School visits

The ladies visited Cholsey School (linked to Mamokaile School), Crowmarsh Gifford School (linked to Masekane School) and Fitzwaryn School (which might have a link in the future with the disabled centre funded by Choko).  The visits went down incredibly well with the visitors who are full of ideas about training the teachers in other primary schools in Kodumela on good practice in the classroom.

In Cholsey School’s assembly the children sang beautifully to impress the visitors and it certainly worked!  Ledile, Rosina and Elizabeth responded in the only way they could by singing and dancing.

Public Meeting

It was a privilege to hear the ladies talk about life in Kodumela and the progress that is being made there at the Public Meeting which was well attended by Cholsey residents.

Ledile pointed out the massive difference that the fundraising has made in the Kodumela area, talking especially about the disabled centre which now has government support and funding.

The ladies talked about the inspiration that they were getting from their trip to Cholsey but those in the meeting felt that it was them inspiring us.

 Days out

The ladies were taken on trips to London and Oxford.  Despite Rosina being scared on the ‘Eye’ they all really enjoyed the trips.  They were really impressed to see the colleges where Bill Clinton and Tony Blair studied!

Elizabeth commented that we have no mountains in England and Rosina couldn’t believe how green England is.  Maybe the rain that we all moan about isn’t so bad after all.  Seeing our own country through a stranger’s eyes is wonderful as it makes you realise how lucky we are to live in South Oxfordshire.

St Mary’s and the picnic

They all went to St Mary’s Church on the Sunday morning where Ledile gave a very moving talk about her life and work in Kodumela.  This was followed by a picnic at the Laurence Hall with more singing from the ladies.  There was no time to teach them croquet as they went to a concert in Wallingford, so we will have to save that for next time.


We even managed to fit in a visit to a pig farm which was very fitting since at the time of the visit CHOKO was still fundraising to expand the piggery project.